Turkey Coma

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Thanksgiving is "pert-near" our favorite holiday of the year. It a time for family, football, fried turkey...and bourbon...and cigars!

Since this is our first Thanksgiving on CFT, we knew we had to do something extra special with Turkey Coma! This project had to be the absolute most sh*t-hot cigar we've released yet!

Turkey Coma is a full bodied, med/full strength 6x52 classic toro. The tobaccos used are all over 8-years-old. It's wrapped in a flawless Colorado wrapper leaf (Just look at the picture) that we sourced from one of the smallest "boutique" farms around. The origin of the other tobaccos used will remain secret.

Turkey Coma starts with a blast of dark roasted coffee, red pepper, and oak. Mocha flavors follow closely behind with a finish of earth and cream. Retrohale burns like a mother!

As it progresses, the aggressiveness begins to become smoother. More chocolate notes come to the fore and the blend gets toastier. The spiciness evolves into a deeper tone, adding a greater balance and richness. So freakin' good!

The last third sees a note of Stout Beer emerge. Black pepper, espresso, and caramel all take Turkey Coma to the next level!

There's also an "X Factor" in Turkey Coma that I can't describe. It's a flavor created by the combination of flavors that is just on another level! So effing awesome!

Bottom Line...Turkey Coma is a total MUST smoke cigar! Especially over the Thanksgiving holiday break! Trust me...get these and hoard these! They are a freaking work-of-art that you are gonna want all to yourself.

I'm telling ya...you'll wish you'd bought more. These will be SOLD OUT fast so hurry and GETCHA SOME NOW! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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