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Big. Bold. Helga!

We don't usually smoke larger ring gauge cigars. We're more of the lancero, corona, robusto type. But when you get that much amazing tobacco packed into one cigar...you can't help but fall in love!

Helga is a super-toro 6x60 with a wrapper that is borderline between natural and maduro San Andres. It kinda falls in that Colorado category. Fillers include a metric sh*t ton of Esteli ligero coupled with other tobaccos from Indonesia and Ecuador.

Helga is very full bodied, med/full strength with lots of love mixed in. It's shade in the summer and warmth in the winter. Ya feel me?

First light is a huge wave of leather, black pepper, and cream. The draw is perfect and the smoke production is off the charts. The retrohale waters the eyes with a jalapeño burn.

Around the first third, clove and cedar become more prominent. Subtle cocoa flavors appear on the finish.

Second third, black coffee begins to develop complimented by cinnamon.

Helga finishes with an intensifying of flavors all the way the nub! The burn is like a razors edge. The balance of the blend is literally mouthwatering!

Helga is a powerhouse blend in every sense of the word! The tobaccos are aged and rich. The flavors are deep. When Helga gets done with you...you know you've had a phenomenal cigar!

Yeah, it's gonna be SOLD OUT fast! But that doesn't stop you from hurrying and getting yours NOW!

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