Girl Next Door

Girl Next Door

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Can we make a cigar that features tobaccos from the good ol' U.S of A? You're damn right we can. We're American and the word "American" ends with "I Can!"

Girl Next Door is a smoking experience like no other! Believe me, America is back-to-back World War Champions and our soil not only grows some legit "amber waves of grain" grows some amazing tobacco too!

It's smooth but complex. It's bold but sophisticated. It's just plain badass! 

Girl Next Door is a 7x50 wrapped in a vintage Brazilian Arapiraca leaf. Full bodied and medium strength with fillers from several tobacco growing regions in the USA!

First light brings a gorgeously smooth toasty character. The leathery body is complimented by notes of black pepper, almond, and toffee. The finish is long bringing a wave of hard candy sweetness.

Second third brings in a gentle maple flavor followed by an umami (yes, umami) note. Hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, and bourbon vanilla emerge.

Last third, sugar cane and big cedar flavors begin to grow. Deep coffee richness lingers long on the tongue. Hints of red pepper flakes and caramel make Girl Next Door an outrageously amazing smoking experience!

Shoot, the more you smoke it, the more you want to smoke it!

Girl Next Door better win some sort of award. Just sayin'. It's not only's hoard-worthy!

These will be SOLD OUT quickly! It's just a fact. You gotta hurry to get in on this amazing new cigar! 

God bless America and GET YOURS NOW!

Total Production: 550