Chick Magnet

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The inaugural release in the Naked Series is a real beauty!

Chick Magnet does have a pretty cool back story. I discovered this cigar whilst (Bam! Queen's english!) burning the midnight oil and blending down in Nicaragua. 

All of a sudden this guy comes out of the back with a bottle of Flor de Cana rum in one hand and this cigar in the other. He tells me, "Señor, these have been aging for so long that the cello is yellow." I immediately cleansed my palate with some coffee and lit her up.

Holy Sh*t was it amazing! I bought everything they had on the spot. 

Chick Magnet is a Nica puro 5.5 x 48 robusto with a Corojo wrapper. And it's old in fact that the guys couldn't even give me an accurate number. So ballpark its between 7-10 years. No kidding!

Chick Magnet is medium strength and medium body with some extra kick thanks to the aged Esteli ligeros. The age has perfectly mellowed this blend into a masterpiece.

Lots of caramel, chocolate, cedar, leather. All the flavors you love, but aged to the point that they have achieved that highest level possible in a cigar.

It's supple. It's sensual. It's virginal. You'll wish you'd bought more!

As always, YOU'RE WELCOME!